Advertising Policy

All advertisements are subject to approval of the Publisher, the UK Systems Society, which reserves the right to reject/cancel any advertisement at any time.

The principle of maintaining editorial independence from commercial influence underlies decision-making. Editorial decisions are not influenced by advertising.

As a general principle, the journal will accept only advertising that is related to its overall mission or that of the publisher. This would include, but is not necessarily limited to announcements and calls for paper for Systems-related conferences, workshops and symposia, books and other activities of academic value.

Statements in advertisements should carry no direct or implied disparagement of another product. There should be no statements that are misleading, exaggerated, or contrary to proven facts. Advertisements may not be indecent, obscene, or defamatory.

Advertisements must be clearly identifiable as advertisements and clearly distinguishable from editorial content. All advertisements must clearly and prominently identify the advertiser by trademark or signature. Print advertising features must carry the statement “Advertisement” in a font size at least one-half that of the largest font size used in the advertisement.