Journal Management

The journal is managed on a day-to-day basis by a Managing Editor, guided by an Editor-in-Chief who will advise on all policy matters. Policy will be informed by the advice of an Advisory Board, and by appropriate external bodies, such as COPE.

An Editorial Board supports the Editors, consisting of a team of Senior Commissioning Editors who promote the journal’s mission, and an International Review Board who lead the review process, to assure the quality of journal content and its compliance with ethical standards. Reviewers are appointed from time to time to assist the Board. New reviewers are required to consider the principles for good reviewing practice provided to them, and allocated a mentor from the International Review Panel. Updated guidance will be provided to all reviewers from time to time and reviewing workshops will be conducted. The Managing Editor will monitor the quality of reviews on an ongoing basis.

The Systemist is open to submission of articles at any time, but  from time to time may issue specific calls for papers. These may be associated with conferences whose subject matter reflects the journal’s mission. The Editorial Board will not solicit papers for publication and its Editorial independence is of paramount importance. The exception will be that, occasionally, contributions may be invited from senior academics or practitioners in the field. These will be subject to editorial review. In no case will papers be solicited or published for financial gain by the journal, the publisher or the Editorial Board members.

Decisions on publication will be made by the Managing Editor, informed by the opinions of reviewers, and the editor’s decision is final subject to appeal in cases where maladministration is alleged. Any questions and queries about items submitted for the journal, or appearing in it, including any allegation of an ethical breach, should be addressed to the Managing Editor in the first instance. In the event hat such a query cannot be resolved satisfactorily in this way, appeal may be made to the Editor-in-Chief. In exceptional circumstances, a query may be forwarded to the Editorial Board or ultimately to the Managing Committee of the UK Systems Society. In the event of an issue arising over the content of an article published in the journal, a person who is affected may write to the Managing Editor, who may publish the letter in the online edition, adjacent to the article itself. If the issue is one of fact or authorship, the Managing Editor shall investigate further and, if appropriate, publish a correction or revision, or in exceptional circumstances retract the article. The Editorial Board welcomes academic debate and, in suitable circumstances, letters to the Editor relating to theoretical or methodological matters may be published. Where very detailed critique is involved, it may be suggested that a full paper be submitted for publication, rather than a letter.

Please see also the page covering Guidance for Authors.

Journal content is published on an open access basis, under a CC BY 4.0 licence. The printed editions are published under ISSN 0961 8309 and the on-line edition under ISSN 2633 1640. No fees are payable by authors or readers. The journal is financed by the UK Systems Society, a registered educational charity, number 1078782, sustained by the subscriptions of its members.